2018 Spring Youth Sports

TSC softball hitter  TSC flag football  TSC tball

Trophy Sports Club offers the following spring youth sports:

  • Flag Football (K-1st boys & girls, 2nd-4th boys & girls, 5th-8th boys & girls)
  • Coach-pitch softball (2nd-4th girls, 5th-8th girls, 2nd-4th boys, 5th-8th boys)
  • T-Ball (K-1st girls, K-1st boys)


Here are some exciting changes to highlight:

       All flag football is now during the 1st period & all softball/t-ball is now during the 2nd period.

       Players now have the option of registering for both periods.

       Girls can now sign up for 1st period flag football with the boys.

       Boys can now sign up for 2nd period softball or t-ball.

       For safety reasons, girls & boys will play softball & t-ball separately.



Here are the details for Spring 2018:



       Entire season at Washtenaw Christian Academy (7200 Moon Rd., Saline).

       6/23 rain date at Wall Park (7401 Platt Rd., Ypsilanti).



       Seven Saturdays from 5/5 thru 6/16 with one rain date, 6/23, if needed.

       Note that we plan to meet on Memorial Day weekend (Saturday 5/26).



       10-11:05 a.m. Flag Football

       11:10-12:15    Softball & T-ball


Tentative groupings:

Flag Football (boys & girls together): 5th-8th boys/girls, 2nd-4th boys/girls, K-1st boys/girls
Softball (boys & girls separate):  5th-8th boys, 5th-8th girls, 2nd-4th boys, 2nd-4th girls
T-ball (boys & girls separate):  K-1st boys, K-1st girls



       $30/player for 1 sport; $50/player for 2 sports.

       In addition, we plan to have an optional (not required) Trophy Sports Club fundraiser.



       Flag football:  no contact/blocking; coach quarterback for younger boys.

       Softball:         coach pitch (slow pitch); a tee will be used if needed; no striking out.

       T-ball:            no striking out; small teams in order to maximize at bats & maintain interest.


       A goal for all of our sports: All players play all the time (small team sizes, no subs).



       Cleats (non metal only) strongly recommended for all players.

       Mitt & cap needed for t-ball/softball.


General Format:

       Week 1…….. Clinic, skills & drills; player assessments (teams assigned after week 1).

       Week 2-7….. Brief team practice followed by game.


Family Support:

       Parents & older youth are encouraged to help out (e.g., setup, coaching, or concessions).